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No more “undefeated” teams in 2014 Varsity Basketball

There are no more undefeated teams left in the American Samoa High School Athletic Association (ASHSAA) Boys Basketball Varsity Division.


Last Friday, the defending champion Tafuna Warriors stepped onto the Samoana Sharks’ court with an undefeated of 4-0 record. The first meeting of these two teams had the Warriors cruise to an easy victory winning by 23 points; but on Friday, this was a different Sharks team.


The Sharks came out strong, led by Logan Tago and Puni Samuelu, who each put 14 points on the board for the Sharks, whose defense made a strong showing — something absent in the first meeting. The Warriors Rodenno Tarray led all scorers with 23 points in a losing effort, as the Sharks managed to pull out the victory by a score of 51-4,9 giving the Warriors their first loss of the season.


With the loss, the Warriors have now been pushed back down into the second place position after being in the first place spot — for only one game after they defeated the Fa’asao Marist Crusaders one day before being defeated by the Sharks.


On Saturday, the Leone Lions scored at will against the South Pacific Academy Dolphins as they sprinted to the finish line in a 68-33 victory. Despite the loss for the Dolphins, they keep scoring more points than their last game. The Lions made this their third win and is sitting comfortably in the 4th place spot with the bottom three being Nu’uuli VocTech Wildcats, Faga’tua Vikings and the Dolphins.


The next Varsity games will be tomorrow (Tuesday) when the Vikings and Lions meet at Samoana, as the Wildcats play the Crusaders at the Malaeloa gymnasium. On Thursday, the Sharks will be hosting the Lions while the Crusaders host the Vikings. To finish out the week this coming Friday, the Dolphins meet the Wildcats with the venue to be determined and the Warriors will be hosting the Lions. These games have a scheduled stating time of 4:30 p.m.


In the Junior Varsity Division, the Warriors and Vikings lead the way with both teams being undefeated at this time. Last Saturday, the Vikings won both of their games when they defeated the Sharks 47-38 and the Crusaders 33-23. The Warriors downed the Wildcats by a score of 34-28. The Sharks did manage to win in their game of the day that was against the Lions, 35-27. The next set of Junior Varsity games will be this coming Saturday at Tafuna High School beginning at 8:00 a.m. with four scheduled games to take place.


In other ASHSAA news, the ASHSAA Boys and Girls Track & Field season will be starting today with track events at the Veterans Memorial stadium. Track events will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays with a scheduled starting time of 4:30 p.m. ASHSAA invites the public out to all of its sporting events in support of its athletes.


Here is the standings of the ASHSAA Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity Division:




TEAM            W            L            PF            PA


Fa’asao Marist            5            1            276            236


Tafuna            4            1            223            161


Samoana            4            2            243            217


Leone            3            2            271            230


Nu’uuli Voc-Tech            1            3            172            176


Faga’itua            1            4            176            212


South Pacific Academy            0            5            118            247


Junior Varsity:


TEAM            W            L


Faga’itua            4            0


Tafuna            4            0


Nu’uuli Voc-Tech            2            2


Samoana            1            3


Fa’asao Marist            1            3


Leone            0            4