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Samoan Christian Fellowship (SCF) Church of Fairfield, California is proud to share with you their Grand Opening Ceremony for the Soup Kitchen Feeding this coming Friday the 16th of March at 1pm. We have been blessed with so many donations from organizations such as Walden House and the hard working members of the local church, as well as people from the local community.

Since the Tsunami relief aid that the church began in 2009 to help the island nation of both Samoa and American Samoa, we have been working non stop to open our facility as a center for emergency relief location to collect items to assist some of the countries that were hit with natural disasters. We were able to send two 40 foot containers fill with can goods, water, medical supplies and clothes to Chile and to Haiti. Numerous of donations were still pouring in even after we send containers of relief goods to countries that we were able to help. 

We have been blessed to be able to help our own locals by giving away furniture and foods to the less fortunate and to the homeless people. Because we have grown so much and the list of our partners and support have increased tremendously in the last year, Senior Pastor Alex Ledoux have decided to expand his vision by opening a Soup Kitchen Feeding ministry for the homeless people here in Solano county. We plan to give away used and brand new furniture, beds, clothes, shoes, sodas etc. this Friday. This is all free for the community. (The estimate cost and value of goods that will be giving away is close to $75,000.)

Among the special guest that will be attending this event will be Honorable Mayor Harry Price, Vice Mayor Rick Vacarro, office of Samoan Affairs and local ministers. We are inviting the local media as well to be part of this great ceremony. We are expecting 500 to 800 people to show up. A few people from East Palo Alto, Oakland and the Bay Area have contacted us and stated that they would be part of the event and have requested furnitures for their homes. This is a reward to the ministry knowing that we can reach out and help meet someones need.  

For more information on this event, please contact Ben Afisivalu (SCF Special Programs Director) or Rev. Alex Ledoux (SCF Senior Pastor).  Ben’s email is:

Source: Ben Afisivalu (SCF Special Programs Director)