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New local wrestling club — Ca-Boom — open for members

There is a new wrestling club on island—the  ‘Ca-Boom’ Wrestling Club— now open to the public and located in Iliili. Leading and coaching the new club are former New York/Tri-state/Team Maryland-Virginia All-stars travel team coach Carl Floor Sr., former Hawaii State Wrestling Champion Clayton ‘Boom’ Mahuka and jiu jitsu coach Chuck Nelson.


“Our goal is to build champions on and off the mat. The 1972 USA Olympic Champion Dan Gable said, ‘once you have wrestled, everything else is easy’,” said Floor. “I believe this statement to be true. There are many lessons to be learned through wrestling that can be applied to basic life situations. The hard work and dedication, the discipline, honor, self respect and desire to be the best are all traits that build character and success. These traits can be applied in school, in any sport, on the job and in the home,” he explained.


“Our gym is open to anyone of any age and is totally free. The cost of training at our elite club is, ‘dedication and commitment’, Floor Sr., stated.


And, “just like a job, tardiness and absenteeism are not tolerated. We are interested in those who want to compete at a high level. Parents are very much encouraged to get involved and are welcome to watch and participate and ask questions. We can be reached at 770-4954 or you can contact our Facebook page at Ca-Boom Wrestling Club.”


Floor explained that the club is focusing on American Folkstyle wrestling. “Being a US territory, we can expect that most of our student athletes will seek opportunities for higher education in American Universities and colleges and Folkstyle wrestling is what we do.”


“With that in mind, if we want our students to be competitive and be considered by these institutions for scholarships, then we must train and have our wrestlers master the art of Folkstyle”.


Folkstyle wrestling is the form of Wrestling that is practiced mostly in American high schools and colleges. This is the style that US colleges and universities look at when recruiting and scouting high school wrestlers. If a wrestler wishes to obtain a scholarship in wrestling, Folkstyle is the style the wrestler must know. This is not to be confused with Freestyle or Greco Roman wrestling which is the style mainly used in competition in international wrestling events such as the Pacific Games, Oceania Championships and the Olympics.


He also explained that the club will be focusing not only on in-house training, but also off-island camps and off island competitions as well. According to Floor, they will be soliciting funds through grants, donations, sponsors and fundraising to provide the athletes with the best training and opportunities for success and exposing them to the realities and benefits of being and elite Folkstyle wrester.


“Most summer camps and competitions are organized by colleges and universities and it is there that wrestlers can not only learn advanced wrestling fundamentals, but they can showcase their talents to college coaches and visit college campuses at the same time. We believe that this is the best way to improve our students opportunities and utilize our funds wisely. Any of our wrestlers who show and prove they have the talent to be considered for this privilege will also be required to maintain a B average.”


“We are not in the business of providing free vacations and this type of training and consideration will be reserved for students who wish to go to college. They must prove themselves on the mat and in the books. A college wrestling scholarship will ease the burden of tuition and in some cases eliminate it all together. We understand that not every wrestler will go to college, so some exceptions may be considered,” he said.


In addition to high school wrestling, they are also offering training for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Chuck Nelson who will be teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, learned his skills at the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in California.