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New ASTCA CEO should be announced by May

ASTCA received six applications in response to the CEO position and interviews were held last week Wed. and Thurs. The ASTCA Board will convene to discuss the interview evaluations later this week and a new CEO should be announced before May 1, 2013.


The only position advertised by the Board has been for a new CEO, but ASTCA has advertised for a Customer Service Manager and for telecommunication engineers.


The Board is looking to fill key vacant management positions or promoting in-house, qualified employees to fill those positions in an acting position, until the position can be advertised. The Board may consider interim contractors to serve in key management positions, if they cannot be filled from in-house or advertising is delayed and the position needs a qualified interim manager. If an interim manager is appointed, that person may apply for the permanent position after it is advertised.


As for the organizational chart, it will be reviewed by the Board with the incoming CEO to allow that CEO to put together an organizational chart that will allow effective management.


ASTCA has drafted a proposed new mission statement that will emphasize reliable telecommunication services to our valued customers, with quality customer service and new services and products for customers at a reasonable cost. The final Mission Statement will be finalized at a future board meeting.


The marketing department has been reorganized and new Android OS cell phones and new Samsung Galaxy phones have been ordered. ASTCA will also add to its retail store, tablets and other popular techno gadgets. The new products should be in stock within the next 30 days. The marketing department will also take over management of the retail store in Nuuuli.


Present ASTCA management have been tasked to improve customer service immediately, review cost of internet services, connection and installation services and a quicker response to trouble tickets for customers.


Present ASTCA CEO Aleki Sene has been very cooperative and has worked with the ASTCA Board to ensure that the transition to a new CEO will be smooth when his contract ends on May 1, 2013.


CEO Aleki Sene has offered to consult with the Board in the future and the Board recognizes the 40 years of service that CEO Aleki Sene has devoted to developing ASTCA from the days when phone service was administered by the Governor's Office, known as the Office of Communications, then with Public Works and up to the present establishment of ASTCA by Executive Order No. 02-1998, by Governor Tauese Sunia.


CEO Aleki Sene presented the history of ASTCA to the Board at the February monthly meeting and the CEO said that he would be available in the future to share his knowledge and consult with the Board on ASTCA matters.


Source: ASTCA board of directors media release