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Navy Museum in NZ asks for help to identify Pacific photos

The Navy Museum in Auckland is asking for help from the Pacific to identify a number of images that have just come to light, after sitting in storage for over 40 years.


The Navy Museum is sorting through the collection of the late Auckland photographer Tudor Collins, who went on several Navy trips to the Pacific Islands during the 1940’s and 50s.


Up until recently, a large number of Tudor Collins’ glass plate negatives had sat in boxes in a garage for over 40 years.


The museum’s photographic archivist, Paul Restall, says the images are remarkable but were not well documented, and help is needed to identify the locations and people in them.

“It may be recognisable by the topography, the lagoons and the mountains and the buildings in the background and the particular housing styles. Also if people can recognise, I guess it’s a long shot, but if people can recognise some of the people in the photographs it would be fantastic to reunite those images with the people that are there.”

The Auckland Navy Museum’s photographic archivist, Paul Restall.


The images can be found at the Navy Museum blog site: