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Nauer to self surrender at federal prison in August

When he was sentenced on Jun. 4 at the federal court in Honolulu, presiding magistrate, US District Court Judge David Alan Ezra ordered that defendant Gustav Nauer remain out on bail and to self surrender by 2pm on Aug. 20 to the US Marshal Service in Hawai’i to start serving out his 25 months jail term, according to a June 7 order signed by Ezra.

Nauer, 47, pled guilty in January last year to one count of conspiracy to commit federal program bribery in connecting with the bribery scheme at the Department of Education school bus division spare parts.

Ezra’s order recommended to detain Nauer at a federal prison close to a “US medical center where a defendant with end stage renal disease [that] can be treated and the facility has hemodialysis capabilities.”

No other explanation was given for this recommendation but sentencing for Nauer had been delayed twice due - to what defense said in court documents were health reasons.

The order also states that restitution of $100,000 is “due immediately, to be paid jointly and severally” by Nauer and co-conspirator Paul Solofa, to the local Department of Education, and any remaining balance upon release from confinement be paid during the three years of supervise release on an installment basis.

Solofa was sentenced last Friday at the federal court in Washington D.C. to 35 months in jail. Details of his sentencing order have yet to be publicly released but he has been detained at the federal prison in Honolulu in February this year and it's where he will serve the jail term.

How much of the $100,000 in restitution Solofa is to pay remains unclear.