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Museum of Ethnology celebrates Samoa's 50th anniversary of independance with exhibition

HAMBURG - In 2012 and 2013 the Hamburg Museum of Ethnology dedicates several exhibitions and events to Polynesia. The relations between Europe / Hamburg and the Pacific Islands are retraced to show different perspectives on the cultures of Polynesia. Due to the maritime history of the port of Hamburg the collections from the South Pacific and the adjoining territories have a long tradition in the Hamburg Museum of Ethnology. Representatives of German companies involved in trade with the South Seas, such as Johan Cesar Godeffroy & Sohn, Hernsheim & Co., merchant seamen, colonial administrators, missionaries and explorers made substantial contributions to the breadth of the collection. It is thus a mirror reflecting the worldwide network of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and its history. The constellation of jubilees this year is remarkable and a great opportunity to show the Polynesian collections of the museum to the public. • Das Haus Rauru – Meisterwerk der Maori / House Rauru – Masterpiece of the Maori This year „Rauru“, the legendary Maori meeting house from New Zealand celebrates its centenary in Hamburg. The gallery was refurbished and completely transformed. Maori experts of the Te Arawa restored the meeting house with traditional materials and techniques. The new concept allows an immediate proximity between visitor and Rauru. Publication: House Rauru – Masterpiece of the Maori; Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg 2012 • Samoa – Perle des Pazifiks (1. December 2012 – spring 2013) Samoa – Pearl of the Pacific In 2012 the Independent State of Samoa celebrates 50 years of independence. In this context the museum acknowledges the Samoan culture and history with the exhibition ‘Samoa – Pearl of the Pacific’.More Information: