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Motion granted to extend deadline in Haleck lawsuit

The federal court in Washington D.C. has granted a motion by an attorney representing the  U.S. Interior Department to extend the deadline in which the defense is to file a response in the lawsuit by the Haleck family over its long legal battle with American Samoa Government for the development of the 23 acres of Naumati property at the Ottoville Low Rain Forest.

Electronic federal court records show that U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan granted the request on June 7 and for the defendant,  Interior Secretary Kenneth Salazar’s attorney to file a reply to the complaint no later than July 11.

The U.S. Attorney Office in Washington D.C. - who is representing Salazar - requested the deadline extension to allow the defense to review all of the issues cited in the Haleck complaint. The defense also points out that both sides are scheduled to hold a meeting next week.

According to the complaint, the Halecks brought this action to the federal court, challenging the Interior Secretary's decision to approve the taking of the Halecks’ real property by the ASG and/or the High Court without just compensation, and of the Secretary’s decision to deny the Halecks due process of law and equal protection.

The plaintiffs petitioned the federal court for an order and judgment mandating that the Interior Secretary direct the ASG to either purchase the Naumati 23 Acres property and justly compensate the plaintiffs or issue development permits to plaintiffs for the property.