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Mother of eight fights for her life after brutal knife attack

A mother of eight is fighting for her life in the Intensive Care Unit after being stabbed more that 20 times by her 14-year-old neighbor, last Saturday, Feb. 9. The woman was at her home in Tula by herself, while her children and husband were attending church when she was attacked.


The juvenile had since been arrested and is facing charges of first degree assault and second degree burglary, however Assistant Attorney General Terrie Bullinger informed Samoa News that given the intensity of the case they have considered charging the juvenile as an adult.


Police received the call for assistance Saturday morning, and Police Officer Genevieve Manutulila was assigned to this case. According to the government’s case, police responded to the call and met with the Emergency Medical Services ambulance in Onesosopo. Police proceeded to Tula and were waved down by the victim’s husband, who informed police of the suspect.


Court filings say the police proceeded to Tula where the incident occurred, and police saw blood stains at the front door of the victim’s residence, and a kitchen knife without a handle, covered with blood, was also discovered.


The weapon was seized by Officer Manutulila as evidence. Police arrested the juvenile, whose clothing, as well as his hands, was covered with blood.


According to the government’s case, the juvenile admitted that he stabbed the woman so many times that he cannot remember how many times he stabbed her.


It’s alleged the juvenile went to the victim’s house, and lied to her, asking her for a tauaga (made from the coconut husk, its used to squeeze milk from grated coconut meat) and when the victim said they had none, the defendant went to the back of the house, left his slippers under the banana trees, and walked back into the house with the knife.


Court filing says, the victim was running towards the door when she slipped and the defendant stabbed her many times in the back.


It’s alleged when the defendant saw that another person was walking to the victim’s home he took off on foot. The victim sustained 19 stab wounds on her back, three deep stab wounds on her right side, and cuts on her legs and face.


The woman fell into a coma Saturday morning and came out of it Sunday night.


The juvenile, a freshman at Fagaitua High School, is represented by Assistant Public Defender Donna Clement. The juvenile is reported to have been involved in fights at his school on several occasions.


Samoa News spoke to the victim’s husband, who told Samoa News a different story of what occurred. The husband, who was in court yesterday morning said that he was in church when suddenly he heard his wife calling out his name, asking for help and when they ran outside the church, she was there, covered with blood.


“I was shocked to see my beloved wife covered in blood and calling out for help, and this will forever be embedded in my memory,” he said.


He further told Samoa News that his wife told him, that the defendant had arrived at their house when she was in the shower getting ready for church, and she was shocked to see the defendant walk into their house with a knife, and then he stabbed her many times.  


The woman told her husband that she was saved by the neighbor’s dog who attacked the defendant, and that’s when he took off on foot. Samoa News understands the defendant sustained bite wounds as a result of the dog attacking him. 


It remains unclear as to motive for the violent attack.