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Moana TV trying to restore live satellite channels

Moana TV subscribers were unable to receive as many as seven of their channels in the past few days, but half of the affected channels should be working again now.

A power supply failure took USA and Syfy off the air on December 30, but the channels were restored on January 2.

The four channels that are part of the Turner system have also been off the air since December 30. One channel, CNN-International, was supposed to be restored as of January 2.

Bluesky CEO Aoe’e Adolfo Montenegro said more time was needed to restore the other three Turner channels: TCM, Cartoon Network, and TruTV. According to Montenegro, Moana TV did not receive notice from Turner that these channels would move to a different satellite until December 17. It is a simple matter for cable TV operators in the U.S. to configure their equipment to access the different satellite, but unfortunately the new satellite orbits the earth in such a way as to be basically invisible from American Samoa.

Even the former satellite was not easily accessible to American Samoa satellite dishes. Montengro said, “it took our engineers many months to devise a solution to allow us to connect to the Turner channels a couple of years ago. It may be possible to lock on to the new satellite, but it may take an extended period of time to do so. We are also alternatively looking into obtaining the Turner feeds via the internet or via a dedicated terrestrial facility to California or Oregon.”

Montenegro apologized for the inconvenience and promised that the company is doing everything it can to restore TCM, Cartoon Network and TruTV as soon as possible.