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I was born the youngest of eight siblings and raised on the Island Kingdom of Tonga since birth. Growing up and around my Tongan culture and people I gained many interests and hobbies, some of which include spending time with family, attending church meetings and activities, watching movies and most of all participating in any form of Polynesian dance.

Dancing is a passion of mine and I hold of great significance each opportunity that is given to me to participate and learn in any Polynesian performance, especially Tongan performances as it allows me to portray not only who I am and where I come from, but also the great love and respect that I hold for my culture and my people.

After high school I moved away from Tonga for a few years and furthered my education at the Brigham Young University of Hawaii where I attained a Bachelor of Social Work with a minor in International Cultural Studies, emphasizing in Cultural Anthropology.

Although my field of study is still somewhat in it's infant stages in Tonga, it is slowly becoming a more recognized profession. It is therefore another passion of mine to reach out to the struggling younger generations of my fellow Tongans and Polynesians to help them identify their resilience in finding their place in today’s modern day society and the challenges that it presents.

Some of my future goals include, pursuing post-graduate studies in the field of Social work which will allow me to one day attain a license to become a qualified counselor, It is also a goal of mine to one day help expand the field of social work through social services provided in Tonga.

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