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I am 25 years of age and the third oldest of four children, I love being the middle child because I can look up and learn from my older siblings and assist my younger siblings.

While working as a teacher aide at the Tialeniu School, i am also studying at USP and very excited to be on the final year of achieving my Bachelor of Teaching degree. I enjoy working with children as I believe they are the future of the Pacific.

I am a very active young woman with passion for sports. While I love all sports, my favourites are volleyball and netball. I currently hold the cup for the best netball player in Tokelau.

In my other spare time, i like to play my guitar, listen to music and sing. I also enjoy swimming and spending time with families and friends.

This is a wonderful opportunity for me to promote and share my small island, also referred to as, ‘the best kept secret of the Pacific’ - Tokelau, as many do not know or have heard of our beautiful shores. The shiny warmth of the sun, its endless lapping waves, no crimes, no jails, wise elders with many stories to tell, and the generous smiles and hospitality of people.

It is also a great opportunity for me to build my confidence and become a leader and good role model for our younger generations.

I would like to wish all my Pacific sisters the best. Let’s paddle our Pacific vaka together and do our nations proud. Pacific people are now to have great strengthen in supporting their extended families, so poeple know that we are all in together and help is available should you need to speak to someone.

Ke manuia ki tatou