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The annual Department of Education Math-In-Art competition for the elementary school level conducted by DOE’s Office of Curriculum and Instruction is being held at the Governor H. Rex Lee Auditorium yesterday and today.


This year’s theme is ‘Math is a Colorful Fabric of Creation’.


“Our students have learned so many math concepts in the classroom, and what they’re doing today is showing the public how they can use the mathematical concepts to express their ideas in the art forum,” said DOE’s math coordinator Mr. Varghese.


He said that there were 19 elementary schools participating in the program yesterday with three different categories that included posters, geometric sculptures or models and tessellations. There were three different clusters— levels K through 2nd grade; third through fifth grade; and grades six through eight.


This morning they will hold the awards ceremony at the Lee Auditorium. Pictured are some of the students displaying their projects to parents and family members.