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Marlon Uli charged in new case

Inmate Marlon Uli who’s currently serving a 10-year-sentence, is charged in a new case, on allegations he escaped on several occasions while on work release.

Marlon and his twin brother Merlin are currently serving sentences following convictions on two counts of unlawful possession of a controlled substance. Marlon is now charged with three counts of escape while on program release and each count is a class D felony punishable by imprisonment up to five years, a fine of up to $5,000 or both. 

Merlin Uli was the first to be charged in a similar case two months ago and his case is pending in the High Court awaiting pre-trial status.

According to the government’s case, Vice and Narcotics Detective Ioane Paselio was assigned to investigate a possible ongoing escape by the defendant. The government alleges that on June 25, 2010 the defendant was approved to take part in the work release program to work at the 3M Burger and on March 26, 2012, the defendant was also approved to work at Matrix Laundromat & Store.

According to the government’s case the work release program was explained to the defendant and he acknowledged that he understood the terms and conditions.

It’s alleged on June 22, 2012 a shakedown took place at the unit where drug defendants are imprisoned, and a number of items were seized during the execution of this search warrant. Some of these items indicated the defendant was deviating from the direct route to and from his work release.

A number of receipts were confiscated from the search of the cell, including 21 receipts for purchases made at Ace Hardware. The dates on the receipts ranged from November 2011-May 2012.

“These receipts had the name of “Marlon ULI” on them,” according to court filings. According to the government’s case, police interviewed an Ace Hardware supervisor who confirmed that Marlon ULI had opened an account at their store in November of 2011.

Police also interviewed a number of cashiers that were the listed on the receipts and one confirmed he was in the store 10 or more times and she was the cashier for about 3 times.

“She recalls seeing the defendant in the store first starting in March of 2012. “She was able to give us a physical description of the defendant and told us she recognizes the defendant because he and his twin brother have been in the news,” court filings say.

Another cashier told police that she had seen the defendant in the store around 20 times.

During the raid, police also confiscated from the cell a driver’s license issued to the defendant. The driver’s license contains the defendant’s photo and signature and was issued on September 14, 2011.

According to the government’s case an employee with the OMV by the name of Sam Kolone reported that he recalled seeing the defendant at the OMV on September 14, 2011 obtaining a driver’s license. 

Police also spoke with a man working for CSL Deliveries because an invoice with his name on it dated 12/30/11 was found in the defendant’s cell. The witness told police that he was helping the defendant set up his new Laundromat business just behind the Tradewinds Hotel.

The witness further stated that the defendant ordered about 20 washers, 9 stack driers and 6 big driers. These items were purchased through the witness’s account and the defendant agreed to pay him back. 

Assistant Public Defender Donna Clement represents Marlon Uli while prosecuting is Assistant Attorney General Kimberly Hyde.