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The Marist Rugby Club, under the management of head coach Joko Asotau, has been preparing to go back and fight for the main cup of the TMO 7’s, which was won by the Vaiala Rugby team from Samoa, during the first TMO 7’s rugby tournament, last year in April.


Samoa News spoke to Asotau last week Friday about their preparations. He said that Marist has been running and fielding for three weeks now, preparing this new squad for the tournament.


“There is a big change in our team this year, and that includes a lot of high school students and new players who want to learn the sport of rugby. There are only seven returning players from last year’s Marist team, and the majority of the team consists of new players as well as young high school players — so overall we have 25 players that will be with us going into this year’s TMO 7’s tournament.”


When asked about the club’s goal this year, Asotau stated, “We are going to this tournament with the same determination like every other team in this competition, and that is to claim the championship cup, and I believe that there is a big chance that Marist will take it this year with the way things are going right now for us.”


He concluded, “on behalf of our team, we just want to thank Frank Gaisoa and the TMO Company for always supporting our team’s preparations and for always organizing events like these for the youth of American Samoa. We would also like to thank the Marist Brothers Club for always supporting our rugby team in every tournament we participate.”