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The Department of Public Safety (DPS) Marine Patrol Unit employees are currently undergoing a three day training session,Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week, ‘brushing up’ on their swimming and lifesaving skills in the water near the Marine Patrol Office in Fagatogo.

Marathon swimmer Bruckner Chase (3rd from left 2nd row), who is on island for the ‘Toa o’le Tai’ program, is putting the Marine Patrol Unit through swimming and water lifesaving skills. Assisting Chase is his wife Michelle (4th from left 2nd row) and Patrick Roach (2nd from left kneeling bottom row). Roach, who is on island on leave from the United States Coast Guard (USCG) is here to help out with the ‘Toa o’le Tai’ program, with his skills and knowledge of the water. Roach is a helicopter rescue swimmer for the USCG.

“I believe this is great in developing our is a good investment in training our officers in the Marine Patrol Unit,” said DPS Deputy Police Commissioner Leseiau Laumoli. “We are doing this for the safety of the public” he added.

“I was part of this type of training in Hawaii last year and now we are having the same training here, and we’re looking forward to more. We are here to not only help keep the public safe on land, but in the water as well,” said the Deputy Commissioner.