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March for Jesus 2013

This Saturday, March 30, 2013, the day before the Resurrection Day, at the Fagatogo malae slated to begin at 6:30am and last to 12-noon, the people of God are invited to come together for one purpose, to lift the name of Jesus and make His precepts known to all. 


Everyone is invited and according to one of the members of the organizing committee which includes leaders from various churches, civic and community activists, Samoa’s own local meteorologist of the National Weather Service, Carol Ma’afala-Baqui, who informed the local media that this is a nondenominational effort to bring believers and unbelievers together to celebrate the Name of Jesus as He had spoken in the Gospel according to John chapter 12, verse 32, “And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to Myself.” (Samoan translation: “O A’u foi, afai e siitia A’u ai le eleele, oute tosina uma mai tagata ia te A’u.”)


Asked what this means, one of the lead organizers of this effort, Helen “Toto” Fuiavailili explained, “Our territory needs Jesus right now, with all that is happening in our American Samoa Government, our communities, villages and churches, He is the answer to our difficulties, the hardships we face economically and the many illnesses we are experiencing individually or ailments of our loved ones.”  The Scripture verse that the group has taken to guide the March for Jesus were His very own words, His promise, that if He is made known to all here on earth, He will bring people to Him, draw them to a closer relationship with Him. 


Fuiavailili further commented, “To an unbeliever, they may ask how is knowing Jesus going to change his life, his circumstances?  A lost job, a broken marriage, terminal illness, rebellious children, or other of life’s challenges.  We can only say, knowing Jesus will make things better, change one’s outlook and truly be comforted.” With that, many of the territory’s March for Jesus coordinators and supporters have agreed, by obeying Christ’s admonition to lift Him on earth, only His Holy Spirit can change the hearts of men, all they do is believe and obey His Word.


The “March for Jesus” was a long-time movement for many years, celebrated every other year around the world coordinated by Christians in many nations, of which American Samoa was one. The last march in memory was in 2000 at the Fagatogo malae, coordinated by the late Rev. TK Tilo, founder of the Voice of Christ Full Gospel Church.  Along with many of the churches throughout the Island, the event was a spiritual experience that caused revival to the hearts of many and witnessed by a lot of local folks to change their lives for the better.


Newly appointed Director of Parks and Recreation Maeata’anoa Pili Gaoteote, is one of the government officials who has called on Governor Lolo Moliga and all of our leaders to support this effort for the entire Island.  Also holding the position of the Chaplain of the Good News Ministry at the Tafuna Correctional Facility, Gaoteote believes that if we adhere to the Lord Jesus Christ’s admonition of lifting Him up on earth, He will bring them into the fold, to draw all men unto Him.


Spearheading the island-wide “March for Jesus 2013”, are several well-known church leaders who have committed their time and efforts, Rev. Fa’atui Laolagi founder of the South Pacific International Christian Center (SPICC) and Rev. Elise Tafao, Director of Missions of the South Pacific Baptist Association. Both have appeared on local television with the younger generation of believers to help bring revival to the land and promote Christian values and the teachings of Jesus Christ, whose resurrection from death is to be celebrated the day after the March — Sunday, March 31, 2013.


Manuia le Toe-tu manumalo o le Alii, Amerika Samoa!


(Editor’s Note: Samoa News has published Sina Solomona-Tilo’s above article as a community service, but notes that the views expressed in the article are not necessarily those of Samoa News management and staff. ra)