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Yesterday morning saw the commencement celebration for Manumalo Baptist School entitled, “Overcoming Challenges Will Better Prepare Us”, with thirteen Seniors graduating and accepted by the Department of Education for confirmation as the 2013 Class of Manumalo Baptist School.


The ceremony that was held at the school chapel was filled with relatives and friends who came to support all 13 seniors who completed high school.  Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga and First Lady Cynthia Moliga were present at the graduation, and the governor was the keynote speaker for the occasion.


“There is one certainty in our lives, and that is, that life is filled with many, many challenges.”


“So in essence you have been preparing yourselves to face these challenges, which no doubt, will come in due time in the future. Each and every challenge that you overcome, will prepare you to overcome your challenges in your future. Waking up to go to school everyday, deciding not to do drugs, drink beer or destroy public properties, studying instead of hanging out with your friends, represent the challenges that you’ve already overcome.”


Moliga encouraged the seniors to strive forth and be the best they can be. “So my message to you, is to be bold, and not to shy away from the front end of the challenges in your lives. The most difficult and the most notable challenge that you will face in your lives, is to challenge yourself to excel over the limit of your expectations.”


He added, “When you continue to challenge yourselves, you will never be satisfied with the way things are, then you will start and constantly become a better person, and that is the recipe for success. To all of you graduates, I wish you to be very prosperous, I wish you well, good luck in your future, and God Bless.”




 Ten females and three male graduates of Manumalo Baptist School received their diplomas and were confirmed as the Class of 2013. The  2013 Valedictorian for Manumalo Baptist School was Janell Fiatagata Tuaua who was also honored as the student with the highest SAT Achievement Award in the school.


The Class Salutatorian title was awarded to Fa’ala’a Sela Lauina. Member of the Financial Aid and Scholarship Board, Lei Sonny Thompson acknowledged and recognized the members of the ASG Scholarship Award, and this scholarship is for the seniors if they decide to attend the American Samoa Community College.


The first recipient was Bernadine Ott who had a SAT of 1,670, followed by Fa’ala’a Lauina who scored an SAT score of 1,210, Janell Tuaua who scored an SAT of 1,670, and Raenell Tuaua who had an SAT score of 1,510.


The Congressional Awards were awarded to five female recipients—Bernadine Ott, Fa’ala’a Lauina, Raenell Tuaua, Janell Tuaua and Guia Dela Cruz. The Congressional Valedictorian Award was given to Janell Tuaua.


The confirmation of graduates was pronounced by the Deputy Director of the American Samoa Department of Education, Philo Jennings.


2013 Manumalo Baptist School Graduating Class


Janell Fiatagata Tuaua –– Valedictorian


Fa’ala’a Sela Lauina –– Salutatorian


Guia Dela Cruz –– NHS


Fred Lauina


Maxine Oloi


Bernadine Ott –– NHS


Lufilufi Peneueta


Moli Puloka


Liza Sa


Shin Kyo Jin


Raenell Tuaua –– NHS


Jenny Wang


Taeho Yoon