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The Manumalo Baptist School, “Home of the Flames” officially saw eleven of its finest students, graduate yesterday morning as the Class of 2012. The graduation ceremony was held at their school chapel in Malaeimi, with a host of friends and families crowding the chapel for the honorable moment.

The graduation was themed “Building Landmarks to Success”.

Opening prayer was provided by Filifa’atali Fuiava and the welcoming remarks were provided by Manumalo Baptist School principal Reverend Patolo Mageo. Reverend Enesi Enesi introduced the keynote speaker, Dr. Jacinta Galea’i.

Addressing the graduates, she told them to believe in their faith.

“I challenge each and every one of you graduates today to believe in your faith, no matter the outcome. I was appointed by Honorable Governor Tulafono to manage the biggest department in the government, the Department of Education, but I didn’t know if there were some gaps in my experience that had me in for a bigger challenge... but I can assure you, I never doubted my knowledge and I challenged myself to step up, and you know why? Because I believed in my faith. Not only the faith that I had in myself, but the faith that I had in those who I was appointed to work with” she said.

She added, “for this I say unto you, graduates, wherever you go in this lifetime, whatever challenges come your way, whatever trial that you face in the next big step in your lives, never second guess your faith. Believe in yourselves, believe in your knowledge, and believe in your faith”.

Special Remarks were offered by Governor Togiola Tulafono, who was accompanied by First Lady Mary Ann, who also helped present awards.

In his remarks, the governor focused on a drug and alcohol free graduate celebration, saying, “I know you will celebrate your special day today, but I advise you please, do not celebrate your accomplishments with alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. Drink water, there’s lots of it, and I can assure you, that you will never get a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) ticket for drinking water. God bless the graduates and their families, and may you all drive home safe today.”

Following the Valedictorian speech, presented by the Class of 2012 Valedictorian Ms. Charity Ativalu, and awards presentation, a poem was read by the graduates: “Life is about Change” by Chris Benton, and following that, a song “Circle of Friends” was sung by the eleven seniors.

Rev. Enesi Enesi then presented the graduates, who were confirmed by Dr. Galea’i.

Mrs. Evelyn Godinet distributed the diplomas and this was followed by the closing remarks of Papali’i Lauli’i Alofa.

A closing prayer and Prayer of Dedication was provided by the Pastor of the Manumalo Baptist Church, Papali’i Falaga’i Ala.


Class of 2012 Valedictorian— Ms. Charity Ativalu (see Val speech in full below)

Salutatorian honors shared by two students — Taufaiula Mavaega and Fa’anofoilefagaoali’i Alesana

Ned Ripley presented two ASCC Scholarships awarded to Valedictorian Charity Ativalu, and Co-Salutatorian Taufaiula Mavaega

The highest SAT award Co-Salutatorian Fa’anofoilefagaoali’i Alesana

The Congressional Awards provided by Congressman Faleomavaega Eni: Valedictorian Charity Lauagaia Ativalu, Angeline Vainamele Tutonu Maeli, Ching Ho Malua Hunkin, Fa’anofo Alesana, Kerriah Foketi Sekio, Taufaiula Mavaega, and Trinity Margaret Lealofi

The Congressional Honor award to Fa’anofoilefagaoali’i Alesana

The McDonald’s Scholarship Award to Angeline Vainamele Tutonu Maeli


Greetings and Talofa! Families, friends, faculty and staff members of Manumalo Baptist School, especially our illustrious guests. We are here to celebrate the accomplishments to the end of a very significant phase in our lives, and the beginning of the next most important phase of a new outstanding of school. We reminisce the challenges that stood before us, and we savor the victories that came upon our hands.

It was not so long ago when we dared to dream, and not so long ago when we dared to take the first essential steps towards fulfillment. Along the way, we faced a lot of trials, but out burning desire to reach our goals has kept us from straying or giving up.

The presence of our Lord and his unceasing grace and guidance throughout out years of academics has driven us to continue our journey. Therefore all glory and praise given unto him.

I’d like to thank Honorable Governor Togiola Tulafono and First Lady Maryann Tulafono for being here with us. Your presence has made our graduation a noble occasion, and your words of encouragement and wisdom will be of great use  as we go through our journey. I would also like to thank the keynote speaker of the day Dr. Jacinta Galea’i, we appreciate your being here with us to celebrate our special day. Thank You!

I would especially like to thank Rev. Dr. Falaga’i Ala and Mrs. Iva Peter Ala for sacrificing and giving their lives to this ministry so that we may have success. Thank you Papa and Nana! Thank you Director Papali’i Lauli’i Alofa, the entire school administration, and teachers for having faith in us and showing leadership throughout the many years of your service for which we are very grateful.

I would like to say a special thank you to our teachers Mrs. Veronica Occena, Mrs. Miriam Mirasol, Mrs. Petya, Mr. Patolo Mageo, Mr. David Tupua, Dr. Siulagi Solomona, and our preschool and elementary teahers. We bow our heads in deep appreciation for everything that you have done for us.

To my fellow classmates, I am thankful for each and everyone of you. The friendships that we have made here will last a lifetime, and in the same way we have helped each other to survive these 4 years and to succeed in these years at Manumalo. Here we have had a high degree of academic excellence and whether you intend to continue your education or not, you will benefit from what you learned here. I hope we will continue to be there for each other and to support each other in the future endeavors. You will always be my KNF Family - Kai Nua Fatu! Mal, Iva, Nofo, Lina, Riah, Bubbah, Geeh, Tau, Gary and Ching. I love you guys! Congratulations on your accomplishments today!

A distinct thank you to my grandparent. Although you are not here with me to witness my accomplishments today, but forever you will me in my heart. Thank you for the love and care that you have shown me and the blessings that was bestowed upon me before you all left. 

I would like to close out my speech with this dedicated message to my supporting family. “E a’oa’o le tama e tusa ai ma ona ala a o’o ina matua, e le toe te’a ese lava”. “Teach a child his ways, for when he is old, he shall never depart from it.”

To my parents, who have suffered so much for me, I take my hat off for you. I am who I am today because of you. Thanks for your verbal discipline, and self discipline that you have taught me. The love and care that you have shown, I tell you, it was more than what I needed. To my mom, Mrs. Papali’i Fouvale Ativalu, who is a loyal woman of God. I thank you with all of my heart! With your faith being there and for supporting me through difficult times. To my dad Mr. Lefutu Ativalu Ativalu Jr., who is an industrious father. I thank you! Thank you Dad for everything, you have inspired me in numerous ways. I will always remember your words of encouragement. “Naia, just try your best and always keep a low profile.” I love you Dad! To my sister and brothers who have been my second parents, I thank you. Our ups and downs have brought us closer and tighter. “Uo i aso uma a’o uso i aso vale.” I love you guys.

To all my uncles, aunties, cousins, nieces, and nephews, thank you for your prayers and support! Thank you everyone, and once again, Congratulations Class of 2012!


**Angeline Vainamele Tutonu Maeli (NHS)

**Charity Lauagaia M. Ativalu (NHS, V)

**Ching Ho Malua Hunkin (NHS)

**Fa’anofoilefagaoali’i D. Alesana (NHS, S)

*Gary Happy Samuelu

Gloria Aiga Vili-Peneueta

*Iva - Telesia Aitulagi Tiapula

*Kerriah Foketi Sekio (NHS)

*Mallory Alefosio Atoa Toafe

**Taufaiula Mavaega (NHS, S)

**Trinity Margaret Lealofi (NHS)

* Honor Roll

** Principal’s List

V- Valedictorian


NHS -National Honor Society