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Twenty one brave Segaulas are more than ready to become what they want to become in life! There was resounding applause from all when they called the graduates, one by one, to receive their diplomas during the Manu’a High School Class of 2012 graduation yesterday morning.

Governor Togiola Tulafono, a guest speaker, addressed the graduates touching on their theme, “When we talk of Manu’a, we mean the showers of all blessing start from here onto other parts of this country! “O le Ua e afua mai Manu’a!” Rains that make everything grow, provides life to all.”

“Let me say, go on and be that to your parents, families, villages, churches and especially your beloved Manu’atele, Home of the Segaula,” Togiola emphasized to the graduates.

The governor also commented on the ‘other side of the coin’ in regards to the downpour of rain, that destroys properties and life around them. “That is the other side of the coin, and we shall work harder, not to become so!”

  The congregation, comprising all members of the clergy in Fitiuta, Ta’u and Faleasao,  parents, families, friends, students and faculties of academic institutions in the Faleta’u, and both elementary schools, sang the hymns, to wish the graduates the best in their future endeavors, with presents and leis of all sorts during and after their commencement exercises.

This year’s Keynote speaker was Mr. Daniel Lin, who was a teacher at Manu’a High School back in 2009. He left to further his education and he came back in time to see his freshman class graduate.

In his address, Lin challenged the graduates to “prove him right” after giving them four new expectations for their future lives.

“The first is to brace yourself” he stated. “Life after high school is NOT like high school.” The second is—Learn to laugh at yourself, that should be the very first step towards life. The third is —Manu’a is an amazing place, we all love Manu’a... remember, it is a great home.”

“The last one, meant for parents and the teachers— it is my belief that we have raised and educated our youth by setting the bar low and expecting little. We have challenged  students by voicing our skepticism rather than our optimism,” stated Lin.

“Some of you will be great teachers, some will be climate change scientists, one will be a master chef and give me a free plate! Two of you will form a music group and make an album, some will definitely be in the armed forces, one of you will represent Manu’a in the Legislature, one will be sitting where our governor is sitting right now, giving a graduating class a keynote speech. He ended with the challenge to the audience — “Prove me right!”


Class of 2012 Valedictorian            Tiresa Falelua

Salutatorian Award            Jedidiah Fuiava

Rotary Scholarship            Jan Isaia

Pulemau Paopao Scholarship            Jan Isaia

Drug Free Award            Tiresa Falelua

NHS Awards: Tiresa Falelua, Sirarotonga Tagaloa, Moke Eneliko, Koli Anipale, Jedidiah                                        Fuiava, Jan Isaia, Amene Tafao.

Leadership Award:            Moke Eneliko & Jedidiah Fuiava

Ta’ita’itama Scholarship:            Jedidiaha Fuiava

1978-1981 Alumni Award:            Jedidiaha Fuiava

Toa o Manu’a Award:            Jan Isaia

Teacher of the Year Award:            Madonna Mata’ese


Valedictory speech: Tiresa Falelua

Honored Guests, Servants of God, Principal Patricia Fuiava, Staff & Faculty members, family, friends and fellow graduates, today is a day to be thankful, and to be inspired.

First we have much to be thankful for.  Here at Manu’a High School, we have received a great education, thanks to our fine administration and teachers.  We are prepared to move on and to take on whatever challenges come next in our lives.

Fellow graduates, I want you to know what a great gift being as prepared as we are is because that cannot be said for all schools.  Here we have had a high degree of academic excellence or not, you will benefit from what you learned here.

We can also be thankful for our families.  These past four years have presented us with a lot of ups and downs and it is good to know that we had our families in our corner, supporting us along the way.  To my spiritual parents and my Grandma Saunia Paau, please stand to be recognized. Faafetai fai tatalo i lau susuga i le Fa’afeagaiga Fa’ata’ita’i ma le faletua.  Your prayers have brought me here today.  Grandma, faafetai mo mea uma lava.  I love you.  To my families, sisters and brothers here and abroad, thanks for your endless support.

To the staff and faculties of Manu’a High School, thank you so much for your care and support.  Everyday we are greeted with beautiful smiles and happy faces that encourage us more to strive for the best.  Forgive us if we have been bad students, forgive us if we hadn’t met your hopes.  But, we will use the wisdom that you have taught us to succeed in life. 

Thank you to the World-Teach teachers, Mr. Queen, Mr. Robitaille, Ms. Estep and Mr. Roseman, for overcoming the fear and gaining the courage to come to such great distances to teach the students of Manu’a High School.

You have left your family and friends back home and come here to share your wisdom with us.  We love and will miss you all when you leave, but we’ll always be close in heart.

Thank you to everyone whom I could not mention, for being there for me as second parents.  Deep down in my heart, I’m really thankful for all that you’ve done.

Finally, we can be thankful for each other.  The friendships that we have made here will last a lifetime and in the same way we have helped each other to, in some ways to survive these four years here and in other ways succeed in these years at Manu’a High School.  I hope we will continue to be there for each and to support each other in future endeavors.

Now, what can we be inspired by today? Personally I am inspired by my parents (Mr. Ropeti and Alalafaga Paau Falelua (please stand to be recognized) who have overcome so much adversity to be here graduating today.  You have been tenacious and have had such a great attitude in the face of so many setbacks.  Whenever I get a little down about something that didn’t turn out just the way I wanted it to, I remember some of the talks we have had and it gives me the perspective I need.  Thank you for that, congratulations, and all the best! Thanks Mom and Dad.  I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART.  This honor is for you Mom and Dad.

Often on graduation day we look outside for heroes but I see them right here among us.  I have seen in my years at Manu’a High School that we don’t have to look far for inspiration and that we each have the potential to make an inspiring contribution to others by being true to our values and committing ourselves to lofty goals.

We join forth now, in hope and inspiration, all of us sharing our common legacy - all of us, proud Segaula of Manu’a High School.  All of us, members of the Graduating Manu’a High School Class of 2012.  With Segaula Pride, may we go forth to prevail!

When you leave here today, celebrate what you have accomplished but look forward toward how you too can be the inspiration for others.

Congratulations Class of 2012 and God Bless!

Thank You!



Adelle Moliga

Amene Tafaoa*

Aovai Faauila

Falefasa Valahulu

Joseph Gago

Lotu Numera

Rokeuaine Lesili

Aifou Filoialii

Alvin Liusamoa

Christopher Paopao

Jan Isaia*

Joseph Ilimaleota

Moke Eneliko*

Sirarotoga Tagaloa*

Albert Sega

Anoimalo Moeai

Faataape Aliivaa

Jedidiah Fuiava *+

Koli Anipale*

Nofoaga Ahsui

Tiresa Falelua**




*National Honor Society Member