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Man sentenced in case which left two-year old with disability, permanent scar

A two-year old boy has been left with a disability and a permanent scar on his face due to the actions of a man who was yesterday sentenced to be jailed for 20 months. Twenty year old Danny Mase, who pleaded guilty to second degree assault, was sentenced in High Court by Associate Justice Lyle L Richmond, who was accompanied on the bench by Associate Judge Mamea Sala Jr.

Mase was initially charged with first degree assault and second degree assault, however he pled guilty to second degree assault, while the remaining charge was dismissed. Mase had thrown a beer bottle toward the highway while a vehicle was passing, and the bottle landed on a car window causing it to shatter, with pieces then striking the baby boy inside the vehicle on his face. The baby underwent an emergency operation due to the severity of the injuries to his nose.

Mase pleaded with the court for leniency stating that he is remorseful for his actions. He apologized to the court, his mother and the victim’s mother, who were all present in the courtroom. He asked the court for a chance to go back home and find a job in order to pay for the vehicle that was damaged and also pay the victim’s medical bills.

The victim’s mother testified in tears that her baby talks from his nose since the incident occurred; he lost a tooth, and now has a scar on his face which will be something her baby will live with the rest of his life.

“Why did you do that to my son? My baby did nothing to you... he is innocent”, the mother said to the defendant. The court heard how the two year old boy was eating his ‘happy meal’ when the beer bottle landed on his face. The teary mother turned to the defendant’s mother, who was present in the courtroom and said, that as a mother, she was sorry, but what Danny had done to her son was “unacceptable.”

The tearful mother said in court that “her son is only a baby” and she told the defendant “I wish you get what you deserve.” 

Assistant Attorney General Cable Poag, who was prosecuting, presented the court with photos of the injuries the baby boy sustained from the incident. Poag asked the court to sentence the defendant to the full extent of the law.

“Some things cannot be undone — the victim now has a scar for the rest of his life,” said Poag, who also recommended that the court order the defendant to pay restitution of $620 for the medical bills and the vehicle that was damaged.

Richmond noted the defendant’s actions were impulsive, and that he was under the influence of alcohol. He said this was not the first time the defendant was caught up with the law involving alcohol. The Associate Justice said the consequences are very serious now, since the young child now has a disability for the rest of his life.

Mase was sentenced to five years in jail, however he was placed on probation on the condition that he serves 20 months in jail (with credit for the four months already served).

Richmond also ordered the defendant to pay a $2,000 fine, restitution of $620 and is to attend and complete anger management counseling with alcohol counseling. Mase was also ordered to be a law abiding citizen.