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Man climbs for his life at Savalalo bus depot

A young man was so afraid of dying yesterday, he did the unthinkable. With blood streaming down his cheeks, Tino Masoe climbed on the roof of a bus parked at a crowded area of Savalalo to escape from his attackers.It happened when a fight broke out at the Savalalo bus depot where stones and cans of soda were used to attack people.The attack left Mr. Masoe with facial injuries. One man was taken away by the Police.On his way home, 24-year-old Masoe was getting on Taeaomanino bus from Vaitele- Fou when he was struck in the face by a full soda can.The projectile caught his left eye leaving him with a nasty head injury. “I don’t why it happened,” he said, as blood streamed down his face.“I was just getting on the bus to go home.“When the can hit my face, I climbed up on the bus because bottles and soda cans were then being thrown at the bus I was trying to board.”The bus driver, who did not want to be named, said another bus hit his rear mirror as they negotiated the busy transit spot. He said he called out to the other driver not to show off.“And that was it,” he said.“I didn’t know they were angry and they started the scene,” the bus driver alleged.