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Man charged with sexually abusing his stepdaughters

The District Court has established bail of $50,000 for a stepfather who’s charged on allegations that he sexually abused his two stepdaughters aged 12 and 8. Samoa News is withholding the name of the defendant to protect the identity of the victims.


The defendant was arraigned in the High Court yesterday where he entered a plea of not guilty to the two charges of sexual abuse first degree and one count of third degree assault for offensive touching.


The sexual abuse counts each carry a jail term of up to five years in jail and a fine of up to $5,000 while the assault charge is punishable with up to 15 days in jail and/or a fine of up to $300.


According to the government’s case, on October 22, 2013 police received a call from Social Services about a sexual abuse case involving two minor sisters.


Police interviewed A.T 12, who stated that the defendant moved in with her family in Fagatogo when she was 10 years old in 2011. The victims A.T and R.T were removed from their home last month. Court filings say, A.T. noted that the first incident occurred when she was 10 years old in the middle of the 4th grade, in 2011.


It's alleged during the daytime after school, she was in her bedroom changing out of her school clothes and while putting on a t-shirt the defendant came into her bedroom. It's alleged the defendant pushed the little girl on the bed, and inappropriately touched the girl’s breast, under her shirt and he allegedly kissed her.


“After the defendant got up, A.T immediately told her mother who screamed at the defendant to stop or she would call the police,” say court filings. The second incident occurred sometime during the summer of 2012 when A.T was 11 years old. She remembers that she was approached by her stepfather in the living room where he kissed her and allegedly touched her breast.


The government further claims that A.T immediately told her mother who again screamed at her husband to stop or she would call the police.  According to the government’s case, the third incident occurred in 2012 when A.T was in 5th grade. While her mother was preparing dinner, she was in the living room with her stepfather who allegedly kissed her.


The victim recalled that her stepfather said, “If you want me to stop I will stop,” said court filings, again the victim’s mother told her husband to stop or she would call police.


The fourth incident was the Friday before White Sunday last month when the victim, who is 12, said this time the defendant grabbed her from behind and allegedly touched her inappropriately and started kissing her, the victim told her mother.


Court filings say this time a family meeting was called and the defendant left that evening, however the next day the defendant returned and apologized to the victim’s mother and returned to live with them.


A.T told police that in one incident back in 2012 the defendant kissed her and her younger sister. Court filings say, police spoke to R.T 8 years, who said the defendant kissed her and this happened once at their residence in Fagatogo.


According to the government’s case, when police questioned the defendant he allegedly admitted that he kissed A.T and touched her inappropriately. Assistant Public Defender Mike White represents the defendant while prosecuting for the government is Assistant AG Tiffany Oldfield.