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Man appeals to police to look for grand daughter

An older man has sought help from the media after his calls for assistances from the Department of Public Safety were unanswered. Sixty-eight year old Amituana’i Arona Liua contacted Samoa News yesterday stating that his 14-year old granddaughter ran away from home last week Saturday and up to now she has not returned home.

The disappointed grandfather of Fagatogo said, he contacted police starting from Saturday and yet he was told by the police, that either there is no police vehicle available or the police officers are busy with more important issues.

“Isn’t that what the police are there for, to help and serve the community with whatever assistant the public need from them,” he said.

The man said he is worried about his granddaughter, who is a freshman in high school. “She’s very young and yet she’s out there somewhere and yet the police refuse to help us look for her.” He added that his family has been contacting the school if the girl was attending her classes, but she has not, since she ran away from home.  

Samoa News contacted the police and spoke with Sgt. Abel Penetusi, who is the field supervisor for the day shift with the Central Station.

Sgt. Penetusi said, it has been a week since their shift has been working the day time,  from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and there have been no calls about a runaway girl from Fagatogo.

“Only today (Wednesday), is when the girl’s mother came to the police station about her daughter that ran away from home last Saturday,”, the police officer said. According to the Sgt. Penetusi this is the first time they have heard about this matter.

The older man told Samoa News that he hopes that police will go out and look for his granddaughter.