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Man accused of public peace disturbance may also face rape and abduction charges

The Attorney General’s office is looking at filing felony charges against Lolohea Viliami, a man in his 30’s, on allegations he abducted a girl into nearby bushes and raped her in Leone last Sunday.


Viliami made his initial appearance in the District Court on one count of Public Peace Disturbance, and it was at this hearing Assistant Attorney General Lornalei Meredith Fanene informed the court that the government intends to file additional charges.


According to the government’s case, police were called for assistance after the complaining witness informed her mother about the alleged rape incident. The mother told police that Viliami is their neighbor and when she was looking for her daughter, she saw her come out of the bushes and not long after, the defendant came out of the same direction in the bushes.


Court filings say that after being told by her daughter about the incident, the mother told the defendant that she was calling the cops on him. It's alleged the defendant then took off on foot.  


Police arrived at the scene and searched for the defendant, however when the search was unsuccessful, the police proceeded with the victim and her mother to the police station.


The victim told police she was out walking when the defendant grabbed, forced her against her will into the bushes and raped her.


The victim alleges that she fought back, but she was unsuccessful given the defendant was stronger than her. The victim further stated the defendant covered her mouth with his hand, preventing her from screaming out for help.


According to the government’s case, Social Services was contacted about this matter and they took the girl to LBJ hospital for a checkup. After her checkup,  the victim was then taken to a shelter. 


According to the government, the investigating officer Abraham Kava along with his Commanding Officer, Sergeant Abel Penetusi went back to  search for the defendant, and they found him at his residence, where he was apprehended.


Court filings say the defendant, who appeared to be intoxicated, declined to make a statement to police about the allegations.