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Make Fagatogo sewer lines an ASPA priority says Mauagaoalii

Fagaotogo lawmaker, Mauagaoalii Leapai Sipa Anoa’i has sponsored a House resolution requesting the American Samoa Power Authority to reassess and complete the sewer lines in Fagaotogo village as a priority project. This resolution was approved in first reading last Friday, before the Fono went into recess for three weeks.


According to the resolution, Fagatogo has been considered American Samoa’s downtown area and seat of government, and despite old businesses closing down and new businesses springing up, Fagatogo continues to thrive in economic growth and at the same time meet the needs and demands of the people and the government through its services.


The deterioration of the village infrastructure continues with daily traffic of pedestrian, personal and commercial vehicles and heavy equipment and has reached a state of such poor condition that requires improvement of such infrastructure in order to meet the needs of not only the residents but also the public.


“A critical component necessary to improvement includes that all buildings, businesses and homes in Fagatogo have access, and are connected, to a sewer line system.


“Work was performed in Fagatogo to install a sewer line system but was left incomplete, and progress for the development of new homes a has slowed considerably due to unfinished sewer lines requiring homeowners to install septic tanks causing construction delays and additional expenses, and funds were identified for the ASPA sewer line project, including survey and design completion in 2009”.


The resolution notes that cruise ship tourists disembark and depart from the Pago harbor in Fagatogo, and the time they spend in the territory should be pleasant, so they leave with a positive impression.


The conditions in Fagatogo are critical to developing an impressive first and final impression of the territory, which will encourage return tourist travel and contribute to a positive message that they will carry with them and relay throughout the world.


The resolution also noted that the Lolo and Lemanu administration is committed to the improvement of the Fagatogo area, and the previous administration had noted that Fagatogo needed a facelift for economic and tourism reasons, and completing the sewer line project would be a positive step toward a facelift.


The resolution seeks ASPA to complete the unfinished sewer line, which would enable residents to construct homes on the mountain side to minimize the congestion of homes on the ground level, saying this will put into action the government’s position that downtown Fagatogo is the threshold to the beauty of the territory.


This resolution was assigned to the ASPA Committee Chaired by Rep Puletu Dick Koko.