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Lolo tells directors, travel less so you can employ more

The Department of Human Resources has received 1,000 applications for the summer youth part time employment program this year, but only 100 slots are available based on funding for fiscal year 2013.


And now Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga has directed government departments and agencies to make room for at least two slots to employ all of the applicants. Lolo says he expects the big departments and authorities to employ more than two students for the summer program.


According to the governor it costs around $600 per person for employment  in the summer program which is about six weeks or so. “If you employ six people, its just like you are traveling to D.C. and spending that much money,” he told directors at last week’s cabinet meeting. “Instead of you traveling [to D.C], set aside money for five employees.”


Lolo said he expects the larger authorities such as the American Samoa Power Authority and the American Samoa TeleCommunications authority to employ at least 10 students within their respective organizations.


“…let's give our young people a chance to [get]...a taste of what working is all about. Most importantly, these kids are from low income or have no income in their families,” he said and noted that application qualification is that the student is from a low income family.


He said the Governor’s Office will take five students. “So giving $600 per student will enable that student to buy school supplies for the next school year or buy food for the family” if that family is considered low income or has no income, he said.


“Let's finds ways so that we can absorb some of the costs, by give our own young people the opportunity to a feel or to have a sense of what working is all about,” he said.


He urged directors to build this into the yearly funding programs throughout the years of his administration.  “Find ways to absorb this cost and include it in our annual budget,” he added.