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Lolo selects organization team in preparation for Samoa Talks

Acting Election Commissioner Tuaolo Manaia Fruean, Human Resources Director Le’i Sonny Thompson and DOC Director, Keniseli Lafaele have been appointed by Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga to orchestrate the inter-Samoa Talks scheduled for later this year.


In a memorandum issued by the governor last week, Lolo said the last seven months of the administration has given them sufficient time to assess the status of the government and each respective agency, and the government is in a better position to engage in meaningful dialogue with the leaders of the Independent State of Samoa.


“However, to ensure that the meeting is focused on issues significantly impacting both Samoa’s, it is prudent for us to invest our energies to methodically identify said issues to achieve our expectation for positive outcomes consequential to this Summit,” Lolo said.


To accomplish this aspiration, he added, Tuaolo, Le’i and Lafaele are tasked with the responsibility of preparing agenda items for discussion and state the dialogue with Samoa’s counterparts on said issues of interest to us with the expectation that they will inject matters of interest to them.


“This organization team will explore with their Samoa counterparts the suitable date for the Summit, along with the venue and planning, to ensure achievement of our Summit Goals. The organizing team is given 60 days to accomplish its mission, culminating with the presentation of a final report for review and approval," the Governor said.


“However, it is recommended that periodic reports be submitted to gauge the progress of the work of the organizing team,” he concluded.


Samoa will host the Samoa Talks this year.