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Lolo maps out a year’s worth of community celebrations

Although its 12 months away, the theme has been declared by the Lolo Administration for the 2014 Flag Day celebration, which already has a committee working on preparations after this year’s successful one-day ceremony.


Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga told directors last week that he and Lt. Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga have decided that next Flag Day celebration in 2014 will be dedicated to the business community.


According to the governor ever since the late 1800s, business has been developing this island , but “there was never a time that the business community was recognized for their contribution to our community.”


“We want to  thank them for being part of growing our economy and for helping us where we are today,” he said and noted the planning committee is already in place to work on next year’s celebration.


Lolo also announced mayor events for this year with planning committees in place to take care of the details. For May, the major event is Senior Citizen’s Week and the Territorial Administration on Aging is responsible for the coordination of activities and the announcement.


The next major event is the 4th of July celebration marking the birthday of the United States of American. Lolo says this is an important day for the U.S. and American Samoa will fully participate in this annual event during the four years of the Lolo Administration.


“We need to celebrate [this day] especially for our kids,” he said adding that this celebration is done as part of the government honoring youth in July with the Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs in charge of the planning.


In November, it will be the celebration and promotion of tourism and other cultural activities with the American Samoa Visitor’s Bureau and the Department of Agriculture in charge of the planning activities.  Lolo says that the territory will also mark on Nov. 11 the annual Veterans Day celebration.


For December, it's the annual ASG Christmas Program, which since its creation more than a decade ago, has been government agencies and departments performing Christmas carols and skits.


But Lolo says there will be a change this year with the administration reaching out to the community - youth, churches and other groups - to participate.