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Lolo cancels trip to DC reaffirming cost containment

Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga is “concerned over our government's position in view of the federal shutdown” and has opted to cancel his trip to Washington DC for the Investment Summit with Governors of Territories and States which is slated for later this month.


The governor’s Executive Assistant Iulogologo Joseph Pereira, said the governor did not feel good about going to this summit, when the government’s financial situation is unstable, especially when the airfares are very high coupled with per diems which must be paid.


In response to Samoa News queries, Iu stated Governor Lolo was invited by President Barack Obama to attend the Investment Summit being convened to provide a forum for governors to dialogue with investors — to convince them to invest in their respective states and territories.


“Given the fact that the Governor has adopted economic development as the top priority of the Lolo-Lemanu Administration and in light of the uncertainties induced by the stalemate between the President and the Congress, this event could have exposed American Samoa to investors, for them to learn about the economic advantages and benefits available if they were to invest in American Samoa.


“In spite of the importance of the activity, Governor Lolo was more concerned over our government's position in view of the federal shutdown and he didn't feel good about going when the financial situation is unstable,” said Iu.


Iu also confirmed with Samoa News that the governor has reaffirmed with his Cabinet’s full compliance with the January 3, 2013 General Memorandum No. 0002. This memorandum was issued to establish cost containment measures for ASG which includes no overtime, no traveling and no hiring.


However, the governor and lt governor will go through each Travel Authorization for ASG employees and they will decide case by case if the travel is necessary and the impact it will have on the financial situation of ASG.