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Lolo calls for collaborative effort to apply for funding for Workforce Development Plan

“The creation of a Workforce Development Plan for American Samoa that aligns education and training for tomorrow’s jobs is a priority of our Administration,” said Governor Lolo M. Moliga, in his call for inter ASG-Agency collaboration to apply for a $10 million dollar grant from the US Department of Labor for the plan.


The governor, in a letter, has called for the Departments of Education, Human Resources, Health and the American Samoa Community College to work with the Dept. of Commerce (DOC) to provide data and reports needed for the application.


According to the letter — sent to all CEO’s and Directors —this grant is a comprehensive vision of alignment that would provide funding to implement the redesigning of American High Schools and post-secondary institutions under President Barack Obama’s initiative.


The governor pointed out the America Works Education Conference he attended in New Mexico last year highlighted the national direction for the need of states to establish greater alignment between a state’s education and training systems and the needs of its economy.


“American Samoa is committed alongside of every other territory and state to articulate a strong vision and message that redefines the “New Minimum,” the governor stated.


He explained the New Minimum creates an education pipeline, which merges career tech workforce training programs and higher education with the needs of the territory’s economy to produce post secondary degrees and workforce certification for its population in general.


Lolo explained for the New Minimum to be realized in American Samoa there needs to be dedicated funding for this workforce development plan, hence the importance of working together to meet the USDOL $10million dollar grant’s strict submission of application deadline — January 27, 2014.


In his letter, Governor Lolo, notes that the key components to this grant are the workforce certification programs and employers that will hire these graduates. Hence, LBJ and DOH are involved to ensure medical certificates are included in the certification and credentialing program.


The governor said in order to apply for this grant on such a short timeline, it is requested that individuals from the different ASG agencies attend all meetings and provide all the requested information, data and reports needed to implement the vision of the New Minimum and the alignment of the education pipeline in the territory.


Dr Amy Blizzard and Maria Salevao with the DOE are to report on the longitudinal data system. Others involved are ASCC’s Dr Seth Galeai, Human Resources Director Sonny Thompson, Hospital CEO Joseph Davis-Fleming and DOH’s Director Motusa Tuileama Nua.