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Local Red Cross extends Cyclone Evan relief fundraising to Hawaii

Many of the residents of  Samoa remain homeless after strong winds and heavy rains destroyed and flooded homes during Cyclone Evan, forcing many to live in shelters. Although the governments are defined by different political ideologies, Samoa and American Samoa are bound together by blood and kinship which transcends any political barriers.

It is in this spirit of cultural kinship that the American Red Cross American Samoa (ARCAS) Service Delivery Unit Chairman, Gov elect Lolo M. Moliga began a territory-wide fundraising relief drive in American Samoa and has now expanded it to include Hawaii.

Reaching out to friends, families, religious groups, and businesses in Hawaii, he is calling on them to assist with this labor of love reflected in any form of generosity whether it be money, food, clothing, blankets, tents, pillows, sheets, towels, shoes, tools, or any other items that would assist residents of Samoa quickly recover from this devastation and return their lives to some level of normalcy.

Lolo extends his deep appreciation to Afimutasi Gus Hannemann for accepting the request to coordinate this fundraising in Hawaii. For monetary donations, make them payable to “American Samoa Red Cross Samoa Relief Drive”. For in-kind contributions and donations, please call Afimutasi at 808-375-7800 for further information.

 “To the kind donors and contributors in the State of Hawaii, your generosity and kindness will certainly be appreciated and welcomed by our brothers and sisters in Samoa who have lost everything due to devastation inflicted by Cyclone Evan. We pray that God will replenish a hundred fold items you gave up to help someone in need caused by a disaster. Thank You Very Much,” concluded Lolo.

Source: ARCAS media release