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Watch me reach my goal

 [courtesy photo]
compiled by Samoa News staff

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The winner of the Special Education Department Poem Competition is Louisa Woo Ching. Carl's Junior sponsored the poetry competition for Special Education Month with a $20 Gift Certificate.

Louisa‘s original poem is based on the theme: “Don’t dis my ability, look what I can do”


I am deaf, I cannot hear the world

I live a poor life, a depressed, abandoned girl

But I love to offer and share what little I hold

I am caring, loving, with a heart of gold


I am blind and everyone ignores me

I cannot see the world and sometimes people hurt me

But I can speak to a crowd, without trembling with fear

I am daring, bold, with a voice that’s unspeakably clear


I have one arm and I am stared at everyday

I receive nasty remarks constantly on replay

But I am a musician and I make beautiful sounds

I am ridiculously brave and my courage holds no bounds


This ability I have I can do anything

People judge me, thinking that they know everything

I know how things work, even if I am not whole

Don’t dis what I can do, just watch me reach my goal


Louisa Woo Ching

Nu’uuli Vocational Technical High School

Grade 12