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Vision for North Park

[photo: courtesy]
compiled by Samoa News staff

CHICAGO — A Samoana High School alumnus is now the president of the Student Government Association at North Park University in the Windy City.

Rakiiba Va'alele, a college senior majoring in Business Management, is a Class of 2015 graduate of the Blue Empire, where her mother Foa currently serves as a Special Education teacher.

In a joint message co-authored by Rakiiba and Daniel Strom, her second-in-charge, the newly elected SGA officials wrote, "At the beginning of this race we promised to be your voice and to work on your behalf."

The pair said the reason they decided to run for office in the first place was "because we knew that not enough students felt like they were connected to something greater than themselves. We love North Park University and know it can be a home to everyone, if only we work to hear everyone's voice, value everyone's contribution, and leave no one behind."

Va'alele and Strom continued, "This vision for North Park was affirmed by so many of you, inspiring you to vote, attend debates, and get buttons and business cards. Your vision of purpose, promise, and progress - of a campus that values diversity and inclusion and community - won the day.

"To all who voted and told their friends to vote, to all who encouraged us and believed in us, we extend our deepest gratitude; none of this was possible without the community that stayed with us.

"Because that's what this is all about- the idea that we do not walk alone. We do not achieve anything alone. We are united as one community, dedicated to you and excited for the next chapter in this place we call home," the pair concluded.