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US Coast Guard recruiters are here… do you have what it takes?

YN1 Moli Po Ching and YN2 Kapewalani Ornong

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — YN1 Moli Po Ching and YN2 Kapewalani Ornong are in the territory, on behalf of the US Coast Guard, to "spread the word" about opportunities available in the USCG.

Po Ching of Fagasa, works at the USCG recruiting office in Vancouver, WA while Ornong is stationed in Honolulu, HI

The two depart the territory Thursday night. Over the past week, they have visited various high school campuses — both public and private. Their goal is to get teens — and parents — to understand that the USCG is a branch of the military, meaning it offers the same benefits and pay as other services in the US Armed Forces. The only difference is, because of their role and mission, the USCG falls under the Department of Homeland Security, making them federal law enforcement.

"We want locals to know that there are other military options available to them, the USCG being one," said Po Ching in an interview with Samoa News yesterday morning. "We save lives — humanitarian service — and there are 21 jobs available to potential recruits."

The quick stop by the two USCG recruiters has been an 'eye-opener' for some of the students they spoke to. Samoana HS and Fagaitua HS students say this is the first time they've ever been visited by recruiters from the USCG.

This is perhaps because the USCG only has one recruiting office — in Hawaii — that serves the Pacific Region, including Saipan, Guam, and American Samoa.

Po Ching and Ornong will be seated in the grand stand during today's Flag Day celebration at Veterans Memorial Stadium. For more information, please contact the local USCG Marine Safety Detachment at 633-2299 or stop by their office at the Pago Plaza. Otherwise, email <>