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Two options laid out for extension of Malaloa Marina

One estimates cost of close to $7Mil, the other around $3Mil

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Two options, along with estimate costs — both in the millions of dollars — have been recommended by an off island firm to ASG for the construction of an extension at the Malaloa Marina to accommodate docking space for the US longline fleet based in American Samoa.

At the same time, Samoa News understands that Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga is looking at requesting the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council to fund the construction phase of the project, which has been discussed for a long time.

The Council has contributed about $194,000 in the last two years to the ASG Department of Port Administration as part of an agreement for a feasibility study and the design for an extension of the Malaloa Marina. ASG was to come up with funds for the construction phase, but securing the money proved difficult until April this year when Port Administration was awarded $1.3 million in CIP (Capital Improvement Project) money for construction costs.

But local fishery officials told Samoa News the amount is not sufficient for the project. Others in the fishing industry had estimated the cost to be at least $4 million — depending on the work that needs to be done.

A recent Council staff report, covering several local issues relating to fisheries, provides additional updates on the project as well as the estimated cost. The staff report is submitted ahead of the Council's 173rd Meeting set for June 11-13 in Maui, Hawai’i.

The American Samoa Community Activities Report (which is the staff report) states that it was last month that Port Administration received an “inception report” on the project from Apia-based Tinai, Gordon & Associates Inc.

In its inception report, the contractor notes that the dock construction project would be a 450ft long and 45ft wide extension to the west side of the Malaloa Marina. Design options, which include piles and design load, for Port Administration to consider are also included.

The report provides a summary of the structural materials to be utilized, and discusses potential construction issues for the project. Included is a breakdown of the cost estimates for the two preferred options:

•     First option — the pier founded on end-bearing steel piles – amounting to an estimated $6,835,520.

•     Second option — a steel sheet pile bulkhead jetty — estimated to cost $3,361,913

According to the Council staff report, it is recommended in the “inception report” that the “landward basin area be dredged" with a cost estimate of $341,000. The final recommendation was for [Port Administration] to opt for the steel sheet pile bulkhead jetty.

The dock extension project is expected to be taken up during next week’s Council meeting in Hawaii.


Samoa News understands that Governor Lolo will be sending a letter to the Council requesting funding support to finance dock extension, with ASG estimating the cost at about $3 million.

ASG has pledged $1.5 million to the project.

As previously reported by Samoa News, the governor last year proposed a “partnership” with the Council facilitating the construction of “this critically needed facility” for a “fifty-fifty percent... cost sharing arrangement” on the total construction cost of a proposed new 400-ft wharf/dock facility.

The Council responded that it “does not have the funding now, or in the foreseeable future” and the Council hopes the Lolo Administration identifies construction funds.

(See Samoa News Apr. 24, 2018 edition for details.