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Temporary fix to start this week on road in front of SSAB

Google maps image of area described in story

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Good news for those traveling the Iliili Road, passing in front of the SSAB-Pago store and the Ottoville Professional Building — the Department of Public Works plans to start sometime this week, a temporary repair to alleviate hazardous flooding in the area.

The decision came following a meeting last Friday that was attended by a member of the Annesley family, who own the warehouses and land across from the Ottoville building, Public Works director Faleosina Voigt — and her team — along with Tualauta Rep. Larry Sanitoa ,who coordinated the meeting to discuss options that will hopefully address a long standing problem and hazardous flooding in the area.

There have been many public complaints about the area being flooded, especially during heavy rains that result in a large deep ‘pond’ that takes a few days to dry up.

During the meeting, DPW proposed short term and long term solutions — involving the empty acreage next to the SSAB-Pago store.

The first one, was a soakage pit to be built on Annesley property with a capacity that is three-times more than that of the existing pit on the Ottoville Professional Building side of the road.

The second, was to pipe it out towards the airport, with 3 different paths proposed, one going through the Annesley land.

During the meeting, the Annesley family representative gave verbal approval for use of their family property for the pipe, not the soakage pit — something DPW also would prefer.

“We hope to pursue this option first and we understand that there are some right of way to be cleared from the airport and one other land owner,” said Voigt in a follow-up letter to the Annesley family after the meeting.

DPW also requested the Annesley family for permission to utilize their land for a temporary drainage solution for one year, while working on a permanent solution. And verbal approval was given at the meeting.

“DPW will drain the water on to the property in such a way that it will not impact the store and adjacent properties in the back. DPW is to maintain the temporary system,” said Voigt, adding that DPW surveyors will survey the land for the design of the proposed drainage systems.

In separate letters, both Voigt and Sanitoa thanked the Annesley family for their support and cooperation. Sanitoa said the Annesley family’s approval provided during the meeting, will now allow DPW to move forward with “a temporary solution to mitigate the problematic flooding in the area from the water runoff which has damaged personal properties as well as vehicles.”