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Taxi smashes into DYWA building

A taxi driver has been issued a traffic citation by police after his taxi crashed into the front gate of the Pago Pago Youth Center building, which houses the Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs, around 5a.m. on Monday. The taxicab then smashed through the wall on the ground floor of the building, where the exercise area is located. At that hour of the morning no one was in the facility, but reportedly some equipment was damaged.

A senior police officer told Samoa News that after their investigation the taxi driver was issued a citation for careless driving. The driver could also face a civil suit by the government for damages to the building.

According to the officer, a passenger was in the taxi when the crash occurred and the passenger’s head hit the side of the window of the taxi, but is not in serious condition.

No details are available as to the cause of the crash.

An official with DYWA said the exercise section of the building is now closed temporarily.

There is a huge hole in the wall, where the taxi smashed through, and it could be seen yesterday afternoon, while the taxi has been removed.