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Tafuna High School principal seeks help following another break-in

Broken door where break-in occurred

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Tafuna High School principal Tutuila Togilau has sought Tualauta Rep. Larry Sanitoa’s assistance after another break-in at the school this year.

According to Togilau, she found out from the school’s cooks on Monday morning, Mar. 11, that the office was broken into. “This is the second time this year. This time it's worse,” she said in an email, adding that the “culprits broke into the [main] office by breaking the glass door … and broke into all offices of the counselors and vice principal."

She said the previous break-in was last month, and the culprits “vandalized the surveillance cameras. Unfortunately, the company that installed it, is no longer in business — so I was told.”

Togilau is thankful that students' files/records were not taken. “Since now the culprits know that there is no camera, I believe they will strike again. I am worried about the devices we store in some classrooms, that may be the next target,” she continued.

She is requesting a night security, and said this was an issue that was brought up before to the governor in “our last meeting with some principals.”

Sanitoa was asked to help, by way of following up with the Governor’s Office about night security or installation of more surveillance cameras. “It is more costly for the Department of Public Works when there is a break-in [because] they have to purchase more locks, doors, wood, etc.,” Togilau concluded.

Sanitoa believes that funding for the surveillance cameras came from the ASG Criminal Justice Planning Agency some years back, after similar unfortunate incidents. He has promised to reach out to the CJPA for assistance.

Police were at the school campus around 5a.m. Monday to investigate and Sanitoa said he will follow-up on the status of that investigation.

“These unfortunate break-ins are far too common now with our public schools,” he said. Leone High School was the target of a break-in last month.

These March 11 photos show the glass door to one of the offices which was smashed during the break-in, as well as one of the offices which was trashed by the culprit(s).