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Suspect allegedly tells cops: You can't touch me because of my family ties

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Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — A young man who was released on his own recognizance two months ago after he entered a ‘not guilty’ plea to third degree assault, property damage, and trespass, is back in court for the same thing.

Faavaemautu Alesana is charged with six misdemeanors: two counts of third degree assault, two counts of third degree property damage, public peace disturbance, and criminal contempt of court.

He entered a ‘not guilty’ plea during his initial appearance in District Court last week, where Judge Elvis P. Patea set bail at $500. If he is able to post bail, Alesana is ordered to stay away from where the alleged incident took place, remain law-abiding and sober.

Assistant Public Defender Anna Wells appeared on behalf of Alesana while prosecuting was Assistant Attorney General Jason Mitchell.

The government claims that police got a call for assistance during the early hours of Sunday, July 10th from a concerned citizen, regarding a man allegedly throwing rocks at their house, shouting out loud (Samoan war cry), and yelling profanities.

When they arrived at the scene, responding officers say the defendant walked towards the police unit cussing them out. The defendant also told police that no one can touch him because he comes from a powerful family on island.

As cops were trying to exit the police vehicle to apprehend him, Alesana fled. He allegedly threw rocks at the police unit but the rocks missed the rear side of the vehicle. He was eventually detained.

While cops were putting handcuffs on him, Alesana continued to yell profanities and threaten the officers in Samoan: “Kakala loa a’u i kua ou ke fasiokia uma oukou” (when I am released, I will kill you all).”

When questioned by police, the victim said they were asleep when they heard a rock hit the roof of their home. When he came outside to check, he saw Alesana standing behind their vehicle holding rocks in both hands.

The victim told police that his older brother called out to Alesana, asking why he was yelling profanities at his dad. The victim said that's when he intervened and told his brother that he would handle the situation.

While the victim was talking to his brother, Alesana threw a rock that hit him in the back. A second rock hit his brother’s face.

Alesana fled but returned a few moments later — with a metal pipe in hand — and threatened to smash the victim’s car’s windshield.

Alesana is set for pretrial conference on Aug. 8th.