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She lost 75lbs in 12 months with "Stronger Slimmer You" program

(Left) Melissa Paolo in Dec. 2017 weighing 205 lbs. and (right) Melissa in Dec. 2018 at 129.8 lbs.Creator of the Slimmer Stronger You (SSY) program, Will Spitzenberg (far left), with some supporters and friends of the program

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Stronger Slimmer You (SSY), the obesity awareness movement taking the island by storm, hosted "Dance the Night Away" last Friday, Dec. 8th at Maliu Mai Beach Resort in Fogagogo.

The event brought together SSY members to hear and share stories about their transformations since being part of the program.

This year, SSY's "Champion of Champions Award" went to Melissa Paolo of Amouli. She took home $1,000 cash as "a well deserved award" after losing 75 pounds in 12 months.

Founder of the SSY program, Will Spitzenberg thanked the SSY family for an epic and memorable evening and said, "It was truly an honor to help so many of our members achieve their weight loss goals in under one year."

Spitzenberg referred to Paolo's transformation and said, "Yes, she achieved it in less than 12 months with SSY. We can do the same for you. If you are ready to finally realize your true potential and win the war against obesity, sign up and join the movement at

"It works for anyone, where ever in the world you are," Spitzenberg said. "All you need is internet connection and a desire to make a change."

American Samoa is known for having one of the highest rates — globally — of obesity and associated ailments like heart disease and diabetes. In recent years, new exercise programs, herbal drinks, and dietary supplements have been popping up everywhere in the territory - all in an effort to combat obesity.

In a little over a year since it opened its doors in American Samoa, SSY has racked up numerous success stories. For many of them, the answer to their battles with weight loss was only a few clicks away. That's because SSY is a program that is accessible online; meaning no need to starve, no need to go to the gym.

"The program teaches you how to slim down by burning fat the fastest, safest, all-natural way possible; and while you are slimming down, it teaches you how to get stronger as you go further along in the program," Spitzenberg told Samoa News in an earlier interview.

"The main goal of the SSY program is to empower individuals by giving them the proper 'tools' and knowledge needed to finally conquer their weight loss goals and live a slimmer stronger version of themselves," said Spitzenberg. "It’s quite sad to see so many of our own people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, and other ailments that can be controlled and even cured by living a healthy lifestyle. This program helps in all these areas."

SSY members are in California, Utah, the Philippines, Apia, and other places worldwide.

"The SSY program will work for anyone no matter their age, body type, gender, or past experience with weight loss. There is no need for magic pills, super juices, or expensive supplements in the SSY program. All you need is a desire to change and a determination to take action. 

“Action takers rule the world. I will guarantee any skeptic out there that if they give this program a try even for just one day, they will see amazing results," Spitzenberg said last year when he launched the SSY program.