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Price hikes last month for four food items

Taro plants

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Average prices for fresh fish, rice, taro, and sugar, increased last month, according to the January 2019 Basic Food Index (BFI) released last week by the ASG Commerce Department.

Taro showed an increase of 0.5% for the first time since September 2018, and fresh fish continues to rise by another 0.5% although the cost of eggs dropped by 1.9% along with mayonnaise at a 0.4% drop.

Other food items that decreased in prices last month were chicken legs, pork spare ribs, fresh milk, sausage, ice cream, and bread. Both chicken legs and pork spare ribs recorded a slight decrease of 0.3% along with the cost of ice cream at 0.6% and sausage at 0.7%

Fresh milk decreased by 1.1% in January — the third decrease since last November, according to DOC, which noted that price of food items not specified remain constant from December.