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Post office bust nets 3lbs of “ice”

Customs agents confiscated three pounds of methamphetamine — “ice” — last week after a woman, later identified as Katrina Wells, claimed the parcel at the Fagatogo US Post Office.

Wells has been charged with one count of unlawful possession of methamphetamines and she made her initial appearance in court last week.

She is scheduled to appear in the District Court this Thursday for a preliminary examination hearing (PX).

According to reliable sources, the drugs were hidden inside a printer and police were immediately contacted, wherein a ‘change of custody’ was made and the drugs were handed over to the Department of Public Safety.

When contacted for comments yesterday, Chief of Customs Moetulu’i Sipili Fuiava confirmed the find, and said the estimated street value of the drugs is about $250,000.

Original bail for the defendant was set at $25,000, but during last week’s court proceedings, the defense requested a reduction, which was granted by the court.

The new bail was set at $20,000, but Samoa News was not able to immediately confirm if Wells has been able to post bail.

If Wells is able to post bail, the court has ordered that she surrender her passport and not attempt to depart the territory while her case is pending.