PHHS is a JROTC Magnet School

The first magnet school for a JROTC program in the territory
Source: Press Release from Pacific Horizons High School

Kanana Fou High School and Pacific Horizons High School are proud to announce that Pacific Horizons High School is now officially a JROTC magnet school to Kanana Fou High School’s JROTC program.

Director of Army Instruction LTC (Ret) Mapu Jamais announced this agreement at last week’s promotion ceremony.

Jamais explained that magnet ROTC programs are common on the US Mainland between larger and smaller universities and that he was happy to support this same type of arrangement for JROTC here in American Samoa. This is the first time a magnet school has been established for a JROTC program here in the territory.

Jamias described the agreement as logical given the proximity of the schools and as a win-win agreement for both neighboring schools.

Principal Tuiolosega would like to formally thank LTC Jamais, Senior Army Instructor SFC (Ret) Ala, Army Instructor SFC (Ret) Time, and Kanana Fou High School’s Principal Tufele.

“Since our first outreach to Kanana Fou, we have been received warmly. I thank Principal Tufele for her cooperative spirit and for SFC Ala and SFC Time for working through the details with Pacific Horizons to make this agreement a reality. Thank you, Kanana Fou, for opening your doors to our students in the effort to help them grow as citizens. ”



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