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OMV track gets facelift — daily walkers thank McConnell Dowell

OMV track

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — There are no more potholes in this area in front of the access to the Tafuna HS gymnasium from the track behind the Office of Motor Vehicles, thanks to work carried out last week by McConnell Dowell to address the long standing problem.

The latest community work by McConnell Dowell followed a request from Tualauta Rep. Larry Sanitoa who informed the company that he is among the many local residents who walk daily at the OMV track.

He identified several huge potholes, including the pathway by the OMV building. Due to poor lighting in this area, he said the pothole is quite dangerous for those who are out walking during early morning and evening hours.

“In fact, not long ago, somebody actually sprained their ankle as they did not clearly see the pothole in the morning. Furthermore, I noticed there are some parents that bring their children out in the evening to use the walkway to ride their bikes,” Sanitoa said.

After the potholes were fixed - filled with cinders - Sanitoa last Friday thanked McConnell Dowell on behalf of residents and families who frequent the OVM track.