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Next predicted date for palolo is tomorrow night

The American Samoa Government (ASG) Office of Archives & Records celebrated this year's American Archives Month with various activities. [photo: courtesy]
compiled by Samoa News staff

The 7th night following the 3rd quarter full moon in October and November are generally the predicted dates for palolo spawning in the territory. That means the slimy worms are expected to rise during the late evening hours tomorrow, Nov. 10th, early morning hours of Saturday, Nov. 11th - although it is generally usual practice to check the night before and the night after the predicted dates.

No palolo was caught last month when predictions from the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources (DMWR) pinpointed the spawning date to Oct. 12th.

Palolo lovers were skeptical that the delicacy would be in abundance last month, as the weather patterns were favorable; but they went home empty handed - and soaking wet.

DMWR personnel took to the streets in the days before and after the predicted October swarming to confirm that nothing was found. They even had a crew go out to sea. Still, no palolo.

This time, local residents are optimistic. In Samoan belief, palolo rises when the smell of moso'oi is in the air and weather conditions are wet. So many assumptions are circulating in the community.

Some believe that since the palolo rise in independent Samoa was so strong last month, the worm will likely make its way the local waters - in abundance - this time around. Some say it's all dependent on the weather.

Whatever the case may be, Samoa News has spoken to several locals who already claim to have their flashlights, homemade nets, and buckets ready to collect some palolo this weekend.

Good luck!


The American Samoa Government (ASG) Office of Archives & Records celebrated this year's American Archives Month with various activities including two roadside disaster relief 'waves' on Oct. 13th and 20th to help assist hurricane victims, and an American Samoa Archives Month wave on Oct. 27th.

Territorial Archivist Jim Himphill reports their staff hosted an Open House week that featured reception area displays for Discovery Day - Samoans, Explorers, and Missionaries; and the 50th Anniversary of American Samoa's Constitution.

Additionally, there was a staff workshop about PARBICA17 Pacific Archivists and the Council of

State Archivists SERI program on Oct 24th. Online Discovery Day and Halloween displays were uploaded to a pilot website <>

"It was a memorable month and though our turnout wasn't large due to a multitude of other American Samoa public activities this month, we hope that our island community is more informed about the work that we do," said Himphill. "Our team really enjoyed these activities and we look forward to a greater

celebration in 2018!"