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New Jet-A-Fuel Tank Farm

[photo: FS]

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — This Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018, photo shows the new Jet-A-Fuel Tank Farm, which is currently under construction; it’s where the airport jet fuel tank farm will be relocated from its current site next to the Tafuna Airport parking lot. The Lolo Administration moved forward with the project in response to the long-standing concern raised by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) over the apparent danger and hazardous proximity of the existing jet fuel farm location to the general public.

The old jet fuel farm will be demolished to expand the airport parking lot, once the new tank farm is built and set up. Construction began last year and is set to be completed later this year. The $5.6 million funding for the relocation project was to come from bond proceeds. However, positive relations fashioned with FAA administrators in the Region and Washington D.C. led the FAA to fund the entire project.

The project funding was first discussed following a stopover visit in late July 2016, at the Pago Pago Airport, by then US Transportation Security Anthony Foxx, who met with the governor and other local leaders. Before his departure, Foxx shared with local leaders that FAA would fund the entire project; and the news was shared with reporters who were waiting in the lobby of the Tradewinds Hotel at the time of the meeting. The new jet fuel farm is located just outside of the airport fence around the Pala Lagoon area at the Sen. Inouye Industrial Park, across from ANZ Bank.