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Memorial service for Rev. Elder Siaosi Ietitaia Mageo

[photo: Leua Aiono Frost]

Surrounded by church ministers of the Assemblies of God is the lace-covered coffin of the late Rev. Elder Siaosi Ietitaia Mageo, with a bouquet of flowers, at the start of his Memorial Service at the Assemblies of God Hall at Tafuna yesterday. His final memorial service is scheduled for tomorrow, followed by a burial at Petesa Uta.

Yesterday the Senate approved a Senate Concurrent Resolution, which conveys the deepest sympathies and condolences of the Fono to the Mageo family on the passing of Rev. Mageo.

The resolution, sponsored by Sen. Tuaolo Manaia Fruean and is expected to be approved today in the House, also pays tribute to Mageo's many contributions and years of service to the Territory and her people.

Rev. Mageo “was born into humble beginnings”. He struggled out of poverty and was able to provide a comfortable life for his family. His lay profession was a farmer and fisherman but he was most known throughout the territory “as an influential minister who helped to mold the spiritual lives of countless people.”

He was known for his forward and direct sermons which all knew would include a message of caution and often times an admonishment. “Rev. Mageo cared little for what people wanted to hear and made sure people received what they needed to know,” the resolution says. “Rev. Mageo was not afraid to speak his truth to the highest of officials and would make sure to include the most common people.”

As described by his children and son Poe Mageo, a renowned musician and educator, and echoed by his nephew, Rep. Ve’evalu Meauta Mageo, “His boldness to speak the truth has earned him the respect from friends and foes, prime ministers and parents, Bingo goers and drug addicts.”

Aside from his church, Rev. Mageo also contributed to the development of the local economy through the tourism and visitors industry, with the Pago Airport Inn and Star Restaurant in Tafuna.

“Rev. Mageo will be missed by many,” the resolution says. “It is prudent for the government and people of the territory to pay tribute to a man who has impacted so many lives with his message of living honest, Christian lives.”