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Local police officer training at the Quantico FBI Academy

Lt. Tolia Tanu Solaita Jr. in front of FBI Academy

DPS Lt. Tolia Tanu Solaita Jr. of Nuuuli is currently enrolled in a 12-week course at the world famous FBI Academy in Quantico, VA.

Solaita Jr. is the son of legendary Samoan baseball player, Tolia "Tony" Solaita of Nu'uuli, and Fagaoalii Alailima Atuatasi of Fagasa. He has worked at DPS for 21 years and is married to former Ms. American Samoa, Tapuitea L. Fanene Solaita.

They have 8 children: Tolia, Tanu, Toa, Titus, Tufuee, Talaleu, Taualai, and Tapuitea.