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Local fishermen greeted with huge demand for their catches

[courtesy photo]

The people of American Samoa are being credited with the successful September 10th Fishermen’s Day that saw crowds of local residents gathering at the fresh fish market stand before it opened at 6a.m.

“The crowd grew bigger and there was a buzz as people shuffled to see the fresh fish from one table to another, people digging in coolers, and the constant call between people regarding prices,” said a statement from the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources.

“It was a blessing to see many of the older generation (70+ years) making their way to the stands to look for specific fish for the day’s meal or Sunday brunch.”

People of all ages came out to buy fresh fish, crabs, and lobsters that day.

Public figures and members of the business community also supported the local ‘alia fishermen by purchasing fresh fish that morning. 

A fish cleaning service was also provided for $2 and a barbecue grill was ready for public use. 

Pictured is Gov. Lolo M. Molina, who visited the event and spoke with fishermen.

The Fishermen’s Day was hosted by the DMWR and the Department of Commerce to kick off efforts for local demand for fresh catch by alia fishermen — establishing a viable market.